Standing Tall and Shopping For Tall Scrubs and Clothes

74If you are one of those lucky people who stand taller than the rest, then you probably already know just how hard it is to shop for clothes. Shopping for pants for taller women is more difficult than for men due to the difference in the way the clothes are sized. Men’s sizes tell you the length right in the size, while women’s sizes only come in short, regular or long lengths. And if you are a tall woman the odds are pretty good that even the long lengths will be too short. Even shopping for tall scrubs might pose a problem as well.

Due to the advances with the internet, shopping for big and tall clothes doesn’t seem to be as difficult today as it used to be. It used to be that you could only find big and tall shops sporadically throughout the country. If you were lucky enough to live by one of these stores than you could purchase your big and tall clothes, usually with a quite hefty price tag. But since you can do much more shopping online nowadays, you can probably do quite well as a thrifty shopper. If you are looking to buy some tall medium scrub pants for your work, you will be able to find those with a simple click of your mouse.

Not only are you able to purchase your clothes online for cheaper than you would at a specialty big and tall store, but many other clothing stores are recognizing the need for taller clothes as well. This means that many retail stores out there are now providing their customers with the longer lengths of shirts and pants that they need. The retail stores are finally recognizing that they are missing out on selling their products to the big and tall individuals of this world and have chosen to do something about it. This doesn’t mean that all stores have followed this new trend, so you will need to shop around to find a store near you that has the sizes you need.

So if you are one of those people of whom the shorter of us would consider to be lucky, shopping for your clothes has never been easier. Even if you are walking down the street and see someone walking by who is also extra tall, perhaps you could even stop that person to ask where they buy their clothes. There are plenty of resources for you out there, so tap into each and every source and you will be able to find out just where to buy scrubs for tall people.

Why Shopping for Designer Clothes Online Is the Best Way to Go

73For those that may not know, designer clothing online is the latest way to get your hands on those fabulous clothes you see on celebrities when they attend the Grammys and such other major fashion events. You can also get yourself a piece of the action now by getting online and finding the clothes you love and spending much, much less on them. Online clothing stores are plentiful and each will have a wide variety to choose from depending on what exactly they want. There are those that stock gowns exclusively, others stock sportswear, others beach wear and others formal business suits. Whatever the occasion it is you are attending, you will definitely find something eye catching and stylish when you shop at online stores for clothes.

You have probably been thinking that there is no reason why you should shop online for designer clothes since they will be just as exorbitantly priced as they are in real time stores. The truth is that they are not. Online stores have lots of advantages that conventional shoppers do not get to enjoy. For instance, they have great discounts on their items. You can find designer clothing online at discounts of up to 40 per cent especially when they are not in season anymore. Not being in season does not mean that they are not stylish or fashionable anymore, it just means there is something new that needs to be put on the shelves. There are also sales that lets you buy eye catching outfits at prices you never dreamt possible. They usually reduce the prices to attract more buyers and this might be your chance to buy the designer jacket you have always wanted or the dress you have had your eye on.

Buying designer clothing online also gives you the advantage of shopping anytime you want and buying exactly what you want. Let’s face it, shopping in a real time store can get uncomfortable when you keep turning down everything the attendant brings out. With online shopping, you get to take your time and look through various online stores. Any true fashion guru will tell you that shopping requires a careful eye and patience to achieve just the right look. Shopping online lets you do this and you get to choose from the best designer clothes available. It is wise that before you decide what to buy you go through several sites just to be sure that what you are buying is not too out of season. You may be a lover of the old fashion but truth be told, you can only go so far back in time without being a victim of the fashion police.

Shop Online For Clothes That Fit

72If you love shopping like me, chances are you would already have done some shopping online. Online shopping offers great excitement and convenience to us busy women. Having to juggle work and family, many career women only found time for themselves after settling their family and children after a day’s work. Usually, by that time, the off-line shops are closed. With the wonderful array of shops available online, clothes shopping now offers an amazing range of variety and styles (some of which are only available overseas), all at a click of the mouse.

What are the benefits of online clothes shopping? You can do it in peace (think – no fussy toddlers and sulky teenagers bugging you to leave the store) and in the comfort of your own home (imagine settling into your favourite chair with a mug of coffee/tea) and let your fingertips do the work! The best part of online shopping? The shops are opened 24/7! You can shop at any time at your convenience!

While there may be challenges buying clothes online, here are four tips to ensure that your online clothes shopping be as fuss-free (you don’t want to waste your precious time), and as pleasant as possible.

Tip#1 Choose the Right Fit
You don’t want to waste money on clothes that don’t fit. If possible, buy clothes from shops with specific measurements of their clothes. Shops with size labels like ‘Small’, ‘Large’, Size 10 and Size 12 may differ when it comes down to the actual centimeters and inches. Therefore, the most reliable way to get the right fit is to know the actual centimeters / inches the clothes are in. A Size 10 for a label may be a size 12 for another. Chances are, shops which are able to offer specific measurements are serious about their business.

Tip#2 Get Yourself Measured
If you were to get the right fit, you need to get yourself measured, preferably by a professional tailor. And keep the measurements with you when you are shopping. If you cannot get yourself measured, then, the next best thing is to measure your clothes. To do so, just lay them flat on a hard surface (e.g. wooden table) and measure, using a tape measure, the key areas of shoulders, pit to pit, armhole, waist, hips and length. Alternatively, if you have a favourite label, whose clothes fit you well, check out their website and see if they provide specific measurements for their sizes.

In the same way, clothes measurements may be published in one of the two ways – based on the person wearing the size, or off the actual clothes pieces. Measurements off an actual blouse, for example, are measured when the clothes are laid flat. The bust measurements are usually read as pit-to-pit measurement (the horizontal length from one armpit to the other). So, a pit-to-pit of 44cm, for example, would fit a bust size of about 88cm (depending on the stretchability of the materials).

Tip#3 Clear Your Queries
It is important that, if you have any queries, to send them to the customer service. Legitimate shops will publish their emails and contacts for customers to contact them. Some shops have online forms for queries to be sent to them directly on their websites so that you do not have to open your email browser. Many shops also have Facebook pages for you to interact with them. If you have any queries with regard to the issues of fit and quality of the clothes (for example if a certain fabric is sheer), it is good, at this juncture to raise them to be answered. You could also request for more pictures of the products where relevant.


Using The Internet To Do Your Clothes Shopping Online

72If you are a female ‘fashion junkie’ who loves using the internet to find out what the latest fashion trends are and what you should be wearing right now, then you will probably want to do your clothes shopping online as well. The internet is a wonderful source of fashion tips as well as style inspiration, and you can find solutions to every kind or sartorial problem or dilemma you can think of without having to do much searching at all.

One of the greatest things about the using the internet when it comes to clothing and fashion, however, is that you can buy clothing online from the comfort of your own home. What’s more, you can indulge your shopping cravings at any time of the day or night by simply going onto the internet and browsing. But be careful to keep a tight hold of your purse strings because it is easy to overspend when you purchase this way.

As many of the fashionistas who do their clothes shopping online will tell you, it is easy to spend a lot of money in a short space of time when all you have to do is click your mouse a few times to make a purchase. As there is no exchange of hard cash involved, a person tends not to have second thoughts about parting with their hard-earned cash the way they might if they were waiting in line at the till. What’s more, if you can’t try a garment on to see if it looks good on you, you are less likely to walk away from it, so to speak.

Not being able to try on a garment is another drawback of buying clothes directly off the internet. Garment sizes vary widely throughout the clothing industry so it is often difficult to gauge whether a garment will fit you or not simply from the designated sizing. On the other hand, many online garment vendors say they’ll refund your money if you aren’t entirely happy with your purchase. Unfortunately, there’s likely to be a certain amount of effort involved in returning an item that doesn’t fit and you might find that you’ll have to pay the return postage, so bear this in mind when you go shopping online.

Of course, you might be able to avoid the potential risk of having to return a garment you have bought off the internet by purchasing only from a website that shows the actual measurements of garments in centimetres or inches. You can use these measurements to get an accurate estimate of the true size of the garment in relation to you own body measurements.

Men’s Clothing Stores

71Online shopping has gained ground against traditional shopping in the last few years and for the obvious reasons: the products are more varied and cheaper, not to mention that customers can save time and effort by ordering the things they need from the Internet and have them delivered at their doorstep. You can find anything on the Internet today, including clothes and accessories. We all know that men do not enjoy shopping for clothes as much as women and utterly hate spending hours in clothing stores trying out things. They dread the time when they need to go shopping with their girlfriends and wives, because they know that they will have to go from store to store all day long without even getting that many things.

Because men are more practical and like going into a store only when they actually need to purchase something, online shopping is perfect for them. Men will get the first item that catches their attention and not waste time checking the entire mall for the same product in the hope that it will be cheaper or it will look better on them. Most online stores even offer their visitors the chance to see similar products they are interested in, so a man who does not have enough patience to search through countless stores will have no problems in finding the things they needed fast and easy.

Usually, a men’s clothes online store will offer customers the opportunity to go through a selection of products or more specifically the type of clothes they need to purchase by putting powerful search engines and filters at their disposal. For instance, if a man wants to purchase a new pair of black pants for casual wear, he can search “pants” and add the filters “black” and “casual”. This way the number of items listed will diminish considerably and he can identify a product that meets all these requirements and make the purchase in a matter of minutes.

Generally, men’s clothing stores are made to match their style of shopping: efficiently. The same applies with the online stores as well. Virtual shops that sell products exclusively for men have intuitive commands and user-friendly interfaces to increase the ease with which items can be found and reduce the time spent on shopping. Even though they offer a greater variety of clothes than normal stores can, online clothes shops have all the items they offer organized on categories, so you will not waste time going through a gallery full of T-shirts, when you in fact need to buy a pair of jeans. The search bar is also truly helpful, if you know exactly what you are looking for and you can add filters, if you want to reduce the number of products listed in the search result. It is important for men’s clothing online stores to have a good searching tool, because the targeted customers will not usually care for other products except for those they came to purchase in the first place.

If potential customers cannot reach the items they want to buy immediately and have to browse through hundreds or thousands of products to find the things they need, they would abandon the idea of shopping in the first place. The reason why online shopping is so popular amongst men is the efficiency with which virtual stores allow customers to make purchases. Those who do not want to deal with crowds and pesky sales assistants will find each of their shopping experience relaxing, comfortable and worry-free. Not to mention that they will not have to spend time driving to a mall that may or may not have the products they are interested in.